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Where can I get help with finding best essay topics?

If it hasn't already been told to you a dozen times before, here is a very important piece of information. Finding the best essay topic is a skill or art which you need to acquire. Obviously you want to get the highest score possible for all your essays in school or college and the key to getting those excellent scores lies in the choice of topic.

But of course when we talk about the best essay topic we are talking about the best essay topic for you. Because what may work wonderfully well for somebody else may not be the best essay topic for you and your situation. What makes an essay topic the best for a particular student, for you? Well there are a number of characteristics or points on a checklist which can point you towards finding the best essay topic.

  • Do you have any prior knowledge of this particular topic?
  • Do you have any experience in the topic?
  • Do you have a passion for this topic?

Apply this series of questions to your choice of topic. If you can answer yes to even one of these three questions, then chances are this is a good if not a very good topic for you. If you can answer yes to two or preferably three of these questions, you are almost guaranteed to have found the best essay topic.

But where can you find help in finding these essay topics?

Well you can help yourself by applying the test above. If you find an essay topic which appeals to you, and that is an important factor in itself, then apply the three questions listed above. This is an example of you helping yourself. But there are other sources of assistance.

  • Your family, friends or fellow students.
  • Your school or college with a listing of previous successful essays.
  • Your teacher or professor.

It's almost like the business aspect of networking where you talk to as many people as possible about a particular project. In this case it's finding the best essay topic. You would be surprised how many ideas you can get by talking with your family, friends and fellow students.

In your school or college, the library may well have a copy of outstanding essays which are available for perusal. This is a wonderful source of inspiration if you are looking for the best essay topics.

And finally you should never fail to talk with your teaching staff regarding possible best essay topics. They have worked with hundreds if not thousands of students in the past and seen which topics work really well and those which cause problems. Discuss your choice of best essay topic with your teachers.