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Looking For A Great 500-Word Essay Example: Tips For Dummies

If you’re assigned a 500-word essay to write, and your novice-level writing skills are a little rusty, you’ll need to find examples of great essays that you can read and follow. Sample essays can be a godsend for a writer with limited writing skills. But you have to be careful; there are papers floating around out there that have never been proofread, corrected or formatted properly. You want to avoid those like the plague. You need to find example essays that meet high standards and use them as your model. To do that, try the following tricks:

Be nice to teachers and professors

Let’s be honest: when we first meet someone, there are times when the first thoughts we have about that person is to wonder if they could be of value to us. We all do it, so don’t deny it. When you meet your teacher or professor, be nice. You could very well need their help one day and you don’t want to have to grovel in order to make up for previous poor behavior. Your teacher or professor could be the motherlode of scholastic treasures, so don’t blow it with them. Many will proofread your work for you before you officially turn it in, if you’ve played your cards well.

Don’t overlook the librarian

In the age of the Internet, we tend to forget one of the most powerful sources available to us: the library. Libraries contain information and resources that can’t be found online. If you ask a librarian for copies of examples, get ready to be amazed. Just about any member of the library staff could help you with this request. You will probably be shown books that you can use for reference, many containing samples of the different types of essays. These will be perfectly written, grammatically correct and correctly formatted. That’s the type of examples you’ll be wanting.

Make friends with your search engine

The Internet is the “go to” source in today’s world. You can find a plethora of essay examples online. If you specify in your search that you want examples of “proofread essays,” you should get academic and scholastic examples. You may still get a few less than desirable examples in your results but the search should filter out most of them.

These tips can help you find the examples you’re needing but the best way to solve the problem is to hone your own writing skills. So use the examples as a learning tool to get you to the point that you no longer need them.