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Societal Pressures and the Female Body Image


Societal pressures can have a vivid definition from the combination of factors that have influence to the entire community or some defined people in the community. The societal pressures being thin can be defined from different perspectives. The culture upon which we are raised on may be the core factor that can be used to define the meaning of “thin societal pressure.” The pressure may be positive or negative. Some cultural beliefs define thin to be associated with beauty, hard work, and discipline or attracting. From my perspective, I will define thin as the factors which will hinder the girl child from achieving her life goals. That is, I boldly major on unaddressed issues which have a negative effect to both sexes in the community. Therefore, female gender may not appear favored in the community. Some of the issues which are not well communicated influence vulnerably the girl child. The society has an obligation to take care of the girl child in the society.

How societal pressures to be thin affects young girls psychologically

Thin societal pressure may be said to be the pressures that will affect the female gender negatively. According to Kranz, thin societal pressure affects young girls mostly psychologically leading to poor body growth, poor eating habits and loss of appetite. Once someone is hit by this condition, then the next thing is to lose his or her body image. More broadly, the way a young girl will perceive the surrounding will definitely differ according to the societal pressure. Hinshaw stated, “Those who are not well addressed grow low self esteem.” Once someone grows low self esteem, the eating habits and the way they think is also affected. Body fitness should be maintained and be inculcated into the lifestyle. The female body image can be improved only if the poor eating habits are done away with.