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How to Find Free and Interesting Essay Topics

In many ways, the actual process of finding a good and interesting topic to write on is harder than writing on it once the topic has been selected. There is always the fear of choosing a common or bland topic, and the hesitation of not being able to express it adequately. Thus, when writing an essay, most students find it hard to take that first step. It is not that hard when you look at it. Today, with vast resources like the internet and books behind you, finding free and interesting essay topics is a task that seems easier than ever. Here are some tips:

Choose a familiar topic

  • If you have never heard about black holes before, how will you write on the topic? However bland it may seem in the beginning, you will find it easier to write on a familiar topic.
  • For example, if you were born in London, you will be able to write much better on the lifestyle of London rather than that of other places.

Try adding a personal touch

  • It is not easy for everyone to write a personal essay, but once you set yourself on that path, there is no going back.
  • Personal essays might not sit well with introverted people, but those in the habit of expressing themselves might write them best.
  • A very good example of a personal essay can be your journal, if you are in the habit of writing one. Personal essays bring out raw emotions, which can translate into beautiful words.

Have someone assign a topic to you

  • Some people have trouble taking the step themselves and need some moral support. If you are one of them, try having a friend or an acquaintance assign you a topic.
  • If you work better in a balanced, controlled environment, you will find that once you get your topic, you will find it easier to go about your work than before.

Describe people, places, or things

  • Look around yourself. Take a walk in the park and just observe. Pay attention to the musings in your mind while you spend your time there, and you will find yourself writing a story in your mind.
  • Thus, the above example can make an excellent descriptive essay on the topic: “A Walk in the Park.”

Play with Titles

  • If you are one of the people who need an interesting title to get them going, try picking up a sample topic, preferably the title of your favorite movie or book. This will get your creative juices flowing, and you will find yourself writing easily.