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Original High School Essay Topics: Possible Sources

Getting original essay topics for high school papers may involve the use of multiple sources. In many cases it depends on the subject matter and what is considered acceptable by your instructor. You need to consider the type of essay you are expected to write and the kind of content you should include. These elements can lead you in the right direction in getting paired with a compatible topic. The following ideas for possible sources can help you get started in the search.

  • Social media trends. If you like to get on social media you may be fortunate enough to snag some potential ideas. Some issues trending are what people are talking about. You may find a few articles that have been shared with others multiple times. Check with writing groups and academic groups for leads.
  • Newspapers and local news channel. This may also turn into a possible source when you start your research on your topic. In some cases you may learn about a recent development through a study completed. Information from news media will source where they originally got details for their story.
  • School textbook. The subject matter for which you are studying will have a vast amount of ideas right in front of you. There are students that will use their textbook as one of their first sources. You can refer to notes or homework assignments you completed for more ideas.
  • Brainstorming session with fellow students or in-class discussion. Since fellow students need to find a topic you can hold a brainstorming session and exchange ideas. This has been helpful for students since they are able to learn different ideas without overusing them. You can also brainstorm on your own, but with others it makes things more interesting. Any lectures or in-class discussions may have a few ideas. In many cases things discussed in class may not always be found in your textbook, but have more depth and meaning since insight from others was introduced.
  • Homework help websites. There are help sites that provide a whole list of topics. You may find them helpful when seeking ideas of your own. There are homework help sites for high school students that may feature topics more interesting to your needs. Such sites may offer opportunities to work with a professional writer or tutor. Advice may be available on how to select a good topic.