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5 Fresh Ideas for Persuasive Essay Topics

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The importance of a topic for a persuasive essay

The topic of a persuasive essay is very significant for your essay. The reason behind this is obvious. For example, you have to write a persuasive essay but your topic only allows space for information on a certain aspect. You will not be able to write a convincing essay and will not have anything to convince your reader on. If you are writing about a universal fact, which has no chance of disagreement then there is no point in your essay.

Students often choose obvious and generally accepted topics so that no one has to disagree with them and there is no possible criticism on their views. However, they fail to understand that criticism is a good thing and shows that reader has actually read your essay until the end and it has moved him enough to share his opinion. You and he might not have the same opinion, but what is important is that your essay convinced him to take action and participate.

Fresh topic ideas for persuasive essays

Here are five fresh ideas for your persuasive essay topic. You need to realize that these ideas are just an example of how your topic should look like. Before using any of these, it is important to check if anyone else has accessed the article and used the topic for his essay. You should never use a plagiarized topic for your essay.

  • Domestic violence should be discouraged in all forms. What are the reasons for such behavior in individuals and what steps can we take to stop or reduce it
  • Children should be taught to stay away from junk foods. What are the harmful effects of junk food and how should you explain it to a young kid who is in love with pizzas
  • Why some people cannot say no when they have to? What leads a person to become a “yes man?” How can someone change this attitude?
  • Employees stay motivated due to monetary incentives. Is it the only motivational force or are there any other factors for keeping a person motivated for his job.
  • War is the least wanted solution to country problems. Can there be alternate ways to control the worldly issues?