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A well-chosen topic will make your writing both captivating and simple.


Prepare a smooth plan writing down all you want to say in your essay.


Keep in mind basic essay structure. Don't forget to revise it for lapses.

Good persuasive essay ideas

A persuasive essay is different to an argumentative essay in one main way: it is simply more personal. Students who look for good persuasive essay ideas often end up with a dry topic that does not compel the reader to hear them out. If you can feel strongly about something, you will most likely be able to relay a strong message in your essay writing. This is the whole point of a persuasive essay.

A good persuasive topic is usually put in the form of a question—although this is not a must. Getting your persuasive essay right means actually feeling the conviction to persuade the reader of the answer you believe is true. The following are some good persuasive essay ideas that you can use to inspire you.

  • Is addiction’s classification as a mental illness being used as an excuse?
  • With doctors and psychologists diagnosing addiction as a predisposition, do addicts, alcoholics and compulsive gamblers now have an excuse to carry on? Has accountability gone out the window because of this new ‘discovery’? If you have any experience with addiction; or if you have a friend or family member who struggles with it, this topic will make for very interesting reading. Choose your side and make your case.

  • Is the world really overcrowded, or is the notion just an agenda?
  • Why is there this belief that there are too many people in the world? If eight billion humans can all fit back-to-back in the state of Texas, is the world really as overcrowded as we think? If not, what would the reason be behind making us think this way?

  • What is the point of getting married?
  • People in most countries have the option to live together without getting married. Is marriage an old fashioned notion? Why is it so important for gay people to be allowed to get married if they are able to live normal lives as partners? Discuss the motivation behind marriage, whether it is religious, legal or personal.

  • What role does virtual reality play in our future?
  • Facebook have recently bought a virtual reality research company and the world is wondering why such a big company thinks virtual reality is the next big thing. Speculate where virtual reality will take the human race in the next 50 years and whether or not this will be a healthy journey to take.

  • Is prison successfully punitive, or just a school for criminals?
  • Prison is usually an interesting topic to write on. You may even find examples of essays that discuss the overcrowding of prisons and the treatment of prisoners. These can all be helpful in giving you some insight into the controversy and validity of this subject.

  • Should young girls be allowed to wear makeup?
  • Girls of ridiculously young ages are walking around malls, posing for modelling photos and featuring in movies with a full face of makeup. Does makeup age the skin faster? What does putting makeup on little girls say about us a society? Is it right or wrong and why?

essay writing tips

the line between freedom of speech and hate speech

On the one hand, freedom of speech is a very important right, one we all should cherish. But how far is too far? What should be allowed regarding violent and sexually explicit song lyrics? Are we taking the right to free speech too far, or is all of this virtually harmless?

Try these topics and feel free to tweak them into your own. Do not forget to make a connection with your subject so as to write with conviction and purpose. More to find