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How Much Do I Need To Pay For Essay Written Without Any Delay?

In case you need professional research paper writing services, you will definitely need to choose an affordable service that is able to provide good quality papers. If you are wondering how much to pay for essay, there is no definite price since different companies charge different prices. It is important for you to ensure that you research on the different companies to compare services and prices of each of them. If you find that the amount they are charging is too low or too high, this is an indication that they could be offering poor quality papers or they could even be a scam.

What is the average price?

There are some essay services that charge as low as five dollars per page while others charge as high as thirty dollars per page. When the service charges a low amount, it is an indication that they may not have additional services such as footnotes, title pages, unlimited revisions of the essay, right format of the work and the work cited page. The services that charge a higher amount will have a comprehensive package that is inclusive of the basics. Therefore, you need to make a choice depending on your need.

Timely delivery

The amount that you are going to pay for your essay can be affected by the timeframe when you need the paper. If it is needed urgently, then you will be required to pay more. Therefore, if you would like to save on your written essay, it is recommended that you order for the paper as early as possible.

Number of copies

If you need more than one copy of the essay, the price will also go higher. However, ordering for more than one copy can be a good thing since you can hand one copy to the professor and you can use the other copy for the purpose of learning.

Location of the essay writing service

An essay writing company that is located in the third or second world countries such as India will charge a lower amount as compared to those in the United States, UK and Australia. This can be attributed to the fact that the cost of living in these countries is lower as compared to the developed nations. For instance, a writer in the third world countries such as Philippines or Kenya will consider an amount of $5 per page to be a decent rate unlike those in the developed nations who will consider the same amount to be negligible.

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