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Getting Oneself Acquainted with Various Kinds of Essay Formats

Most students write their first essay at a very young age, but as you get older the complexity and formatting of your essay increases. When getting yourself acquainted with various kinds of essays there are some areas you can focus on to insure preparedness. By understanding when to use what formatting, studying format styles and using outside writing aids you will successfully execute your essay.

Understand When to Use What Format

Most often the format used for your essay will fall under the categorization of MLA or APA. MLA format is used more often for humanities based papers, whereas APA format is used for more scientific and quantifiable data. Your instructor will specify which formatting they prefer. Having a comprehensive understanding of both formats will be necessary, as you will most likely use both formats many times in your academic career.

Study MLA

MLA format will be used for the majority of your essays. The major formatting requirements of a MLA formatted essay include one-inch margins, double spacing, 12-point font, page numbers, citations and works cited. Other requirements are also using a professional font like Times New Roman, and including a heading/title. Consult your nearest MLA guide or writing lab for more help on MLA formatting.

Study APA

Similarly to MLA format, APA format also has specific requirements, which will always be followed. Your APA formatted paper will always have an abstract, one-inch margins, 12-point font, citations and references. APA formatted papers can also feature footnotes or additional graphs, charts or scientific data.

Use Writing Aids

In addition to understanding the general rules of APA and MLA formats, and when each should be used, you can also consult outside writing aids to better acquaint oneself with the various kinds of essay formats. Visit the writing lab at your school to get help from experts on the subject. Visit your professor during his or her office hours for insiders’ insight, and consult your peers for additional help. You have a network of available help and by using one or many of these resources you will guarantee a better understanding of essay formatting.

Formatting your essay can be just as important as the content of your essay when it comes to your teacher’s grading rubric. Acquaint yourself with the formatting nuances of essay writing with these guidelines, and set yourself up for writing success!