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20 Possible Evaluation Essay Topics To Consider

As is evident by the name, evaluation essays discern whether a happening, thing, place, person, notion or such is good, bad or just ‘okay’. One of the best ways to know what an evaluation essay looks like is to pick up the paper and read the weekly movie reviews published. These should give you a sound idea for your own essay. Now, if you plan to write one for your assignment, here are some topics you can consider. To make things easier, they have been divided into five categories.

Evaluating sports:

  • Evaluate the performance of your favorite team in the present season
  • Evaluate the performance of your favorite team in the present season and compare it to that of last season
  • Evaluate swimming/volleyball/any other sport as a healthy option
  • Evaluate local sporting stores/venues/stadiums/fields for quality
  • Evaluating movies/TV/plays:

  • Evaluate the portrayal of a particular emotion (anger/rage/love/betrayal) in contemporary movies and discuss how it is similar or different from that of classic movies
  • Evaluate how a movie based on a book does justice to the written matter
  • Evaluate how theater has evolved or degraded since the time of Shakespeare
  • Evaluate how the content on television has changed between the sixties and the present times
  • Evaluating places:

  • Evaluate a local food joint: the food, the service and the people working or managing the place
  • Evaluate the feasibility of a new center/place/shop/store in town: its necessity, its use and contribution to the local community
  • Evaluate how historical places in your vicinity have had an impact on the local community
  • Evaluate how your town/city/state serves as a tourist destination, and what it can do to improve
  • Evaluating science and technology:

  • Evaluate how the internet has evolved since its inception in the early nineties
  • Evaluate how social media has impacted the lives of students in the recent years
  • Evaluate the impact internet has on students
  • Evaluate how the Second World War impacted technology and advancement
  • Evaluating society:

  • Evaluate how health insurance is necessary for people, and what its provisions are in your country
  • Evaluate the various student welfare programs in your country
  • Evaluate the working and functions of the a homeless shelter/soup kitchen in your vicinity
  • Evaluate the impact or need of religious education on today’s youth