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Where to Find a Sample Visual Analysis Essay Written By a Professional

The purpose of writing a visual analysis essay is to recognize and understand art in terms of the visual choices an artist made when creating a specific work of art. The analysis essay allows you to understand the work of art as a whole, by observing and writing about each separate part. In the essay you generally address various formal elements, including lines, colors, texture and size. Additionally, you may include things about the work of art in historical context as well as known or documented interpretations and meanings. There are several great online sources where you can find visual analysis essays written by professionals you can use as samples to guide your own writing. Here are a few places to look:

Professional Writing Services

A convenient place to look for a good sample is at one of the many professional writing services that exist today. These sites employ expert writers in just about every discipline. For a small fee you can purchase a sample paper you can use as a guide to not only learn about proper formatting but also what elements go into a great analysis essay. Be sure to site the sample essay properly if you borrow an idea from it in order to avoid any suspicion of plagiarism.

Freelance Writing Websites

If you want to work directly with a professional writer you might want to try searching a freelance writing site for qualified art writers to provide you with a sample of their work or to write an essay from scratch. You’ll be able to vet several writers and can review portfolios and read reviews before having to make a final decision. Freelance resources are a great source for anyone looking to do repeat business with a particular writer that delivers high quality content.

Personal Art Critique Websites

Many people who study art professionally will post a number of published and unpublished analysis essays as a way to validate their expertise and in order to further discussion on a particular artist or art piece. This means that you will be able to find a number of excellent samples simply by checking one or two of these personal sites maintained by professional art critics.

Art Chatrooms or Forums

When all else fails you can always join an online chatroom or forum which brings you into a community of writers, artists and art critics. You can post a question that asks for a particular type of sample and you’re likely to receive a handful of answers within a day or two. You won’t have to pay a dime and you’ll have a small stack of samples to choose from.