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Practice Makes Perfect When It Comes to Essay Writing

The outline is often the part of an essay that is overlooked when considering what is important. In a good paper the outline is part that should never be overlooked for any reason. Regardless of the type of paper that you are writing or what the class might be an outline will help provide good structure to your paper. You can begin by sticking the headings onto the paper and they should then link with the sections or chapters in the essay. After this is done you can move on to the thesis statement portion of the outline. Your opening statement doubles as the thesis. It’s very important that you remember when writing an academic essay your thesis is sound. Once the opening statement is done you have a good view and can read the document.

So does the paragraph grab the attention of the person who is reading it? How is it playing a role in the reading experience? How much interest should a given person have in it? What does it bring to your mind? How honest is it? Have you tried to answer the questions asked in it to the best degree that you can? Are there errors? Typing errors? Grammar problems? What about the tone and noun-verb agreement? What other types of problems might be in the paper that you are somehow missing one way or another?

If you start looking for a topic you should look over this list below and try to see if something stands out to you. These ideas should only be used as a starting point though and should not be the core focus of your paper because everything is slightly unique and no two papers are going to be exactly the same.

  • Write about Ghenghis Khan and what he did. Talk about how journalists may have played a role in the Vietnam War and how they could have changed the public perception of the war by somehow doing more harm than they did good. What about the legalization of marijuana?
  • Talk about mirages in the desert and the role that they play in both the psychological state of the people in that desert and the things that they might end up influencing in those people. Maybe the actions that those people take and how their courses may change.
  • Talk about some of the differences and problems between Indian and Chinese economies. Why was communism so unsuccessful in some places and why did it work relatively well in others?