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The Top 20 Easy Short Essay Topics For Middle School

Middle school essays are normally simple and straight to the point. They do not ask you things that you are not able to handle. More often than not they basically require you to talk about things that you are used to, things that you would love to do. Since you are just developing as a student, there is no point in stressing you up with topics which are intense or so difficult. At this point the teachers are trying to help you build your imagination. In the event that you have been asked to write a good essay topic for middle school, the following are some of the sample topics that you can think about using:

  1. Describe how you met your best friend
  2. Explain a sad moment in your life
  3. Why would you say your parents are special?
  4. Discuss some important steps on how you can be a success in life
  5. Discus any one thing that is so special in your life
  6. Talk about how you were let down by someone you trust
  7. Write a few paragraphs about a surprising turn of events
  8. Write about how important you believe money is
  9. Discuss one of the proudest moments of your life
  10. Write about a lesson that you may have learned from someone younger than you
  11. Write about anytime when someone spoke to you and gave you hope
  12. Discuss some of the favorite moments that you have ever spent with family
  13. If you were to invent something, what would you invent?
  14. Discuss five things that are important that robots are not able to do, but humans can
  15. Talk about something that you discovered which changed your life
  16. Give your idea of what you think the world will be like in 100 years
  17. If you lived and became a president, what kind of a ruler would you be?
  18. Would you rather be a king/queen or a president? Explain your choice
  19. Of all the animals that you know, which one do you think can be a very good option to be in charge of the world, apart from man?
  20. Discuss any hidden talent that you may have
  21. You can think up some other topics along the same line of thought, which you can use.