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Creating A Discursive Essay: Helpful Tips For High School Students

A discursive essay is one of the most common types of writing you will encounter in your course of learning. As such, it is only safe to master the rules that make it a discursive paper and not any other. It is common for students to confuse a discursive and argumentative essay. The two types of essays are similar in that you have to mention two sides of the debate in both. However, in an argumentative paper, you are required to side with one side of the debate. However, for a discursive paper, your coverage should be objective and with the aim of allowing the reader to make a personal decision. Here are tips that will make your paper uniquely discursive and captivating.

Show it in Your Title

The urge to read your paper or to bypass it emanates from the title. A reader looking at your title should be curious to read every word up to the last page. This urge is ignited and sustained by the words and perspective displayed by your title. Be very selective with your words to ensure that you send the right message. Your words should indicate a discursive approach to the topic.

Read Widely about the Topic

Discursive writing requires you to provide a lot of details about your topic in the most objective way. This can only happen if you have mastered these details. Failure to master the details will lead into a one sided approach that will appear to be a personal opinion. Find reference materials that will help you strengthen your arguments and points presented.

Choose the Right Words

The words you use to make an argument in discursive writing are very important. They will compel a reader to go through your essay or to stop at the introduction. Words have the power to create an opinion. It is therefore paramount for you to use the right words to avoid appearing as though you are taking sides.

Seek Clarification Where Necessary

It is sometimes confusing to write a discursive essay because you might end up with an argumentative one or any other type. To avoid this fall, you should consult. Seek a word from your teacher, colleagues friends and any other person who is knowledgeable in the subject. This is a great website that will help you with discursive writing and any other type of paper you need to complete for your academic purposes.