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Mobile Computing And Social Networks

If we think about the latest advancement in the fields of information technology and computing the two things instantly comes to our mind. The emerging trend of technologically advanced mobile phone devices which are often termed as smartphones and the growing trends of the launch of various popular social networks or networking sites. Though, apparently no similarity between the two can be seen or identified, these two technologies has become connected to each other in a very integrative manner in recent times. Using of mobile computing devices with the help of the smartphones has become quite common and one of the main activities of the users is to browse the internet and connect with people via social networking sites and maintain social network. But, the effectiveness of mobile computing and the social networks deals mainly with the consumer data and geolocation software services installed on the mobile devices used for computing.

For this increasing usage of mobile computing and social networks, the software and cloud computing companies are increasingly developing various user friendly mobile applications for consumer easy access and usage. The main characteristic features of these consumer based mobile applications are- cost effectiveness, agility, security, reliability and focus. In relation to the social networking sites and social networks, one of the major development on the mobile computing front is the invention of GPS which is nothing but a software that uses to track the geolocation of a person or any other places in this world utilizing the satellite services. The GPS service was an instant hit among the consumers and it is widely used today in every sector and stands as a well-established and serving example of the collaboration of mobile computing technology and present day social networks. Another added advantage or benefit that the social network sector is being benefitted is that the mobile uses are increasing day by day which is ensuring a great deal of more availability and accessibility to the latest mobile technology. Security is another point for which accessing the social network services through the mobile computing based applications is growing in popularity in a huge scale. The latest software also provides an added security to the mobile devices as well while social networking. The crucial factor for a successful collaboration between a mobile application and social networking platform also lies in the fact that proper mobile application support system should be chosen.

Every step in ensuring the progress of these technologies should be carefully selected based on the requirement of the social networks and networking platforms, the target audience for the applications and features and specifications required based on the purpose of the computing application.