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Causes Of Bullying

Bullying is a big problem in American schools. Sometimes, it gets so severe that victims suffer serious injuries. This occurrence also has a very negative effect on students’ psyches. In order to stop bullying, one must understand the reasons behind it. Who is really at fault in a bullying incident? Is it the aggressor, the victim, or the teachers that cannot stop it?

Bullying is a form of abuse which aims to control a person through threats, humiliation, physical intimidation, and sometimes physical violence. It can occur in any environment where people interact in groups such as schools, camps, military training centers, workplaces, or homes. The fact that this form of violence is extremely common proves that there is not one ultimate cause of bullying. If there was, the problem could be solved by addressing this specific issue. However, bullying is a complex phenomenon that is caused by an array of factors. The most prominent of them are:

  1. Culture that presents violence as an acceptable behavior.
  2. Movies, video games, sports, and even news reports today are filled with violence. Children who are exposed to them perceive this behavior as normal reactions to provocation.

  3. Ineffective preventative policies of the institution.
  4. It is the school, office, or camp administrator’s responsibility to enforce policies designed to prevent and stop bullying. If these policies are lacking or the responsible individual does not do his or her job properly, this kind of behavior will be seen as acceptable by the aggressors.

  5. Society’s acknowledgment of negative behavior.
  6. Many bullies seek recognition. They see an act of violence as an effective way to gain this because society today pays more attention to negative behaviors than any positive ones.

  7. Family violence.
  8. These issues often trigger extremely strong reactions from the abused individuals, and start cycles of violence that can continue for generations.

  9. Personal issues and traumatic experiences.
  10. A person often becomes a bully because he or she has experienced an extremely traumatic event, and reacts to it with aggression and bitterness.

  11. Power abuse.
  12. Many people develop bullying tendencies because they understand that they wield a certain power, and strive to exercise it. Lack of imagination, or a combination of aforementioned factors, often makes them turn to this path when looking for a way to prove their own worth.

  13. Victim’s behavior.
  14. This is a very complicated factor. On one hand, provocative behavior from the victim should not be a cause of bullying because people do not ask to be humiliated and beaten. On the other hand, when the victim does nothing to defend themselves and put a stop to the aggression, the bully often takes this as a challenge or permission to continue with such behavior.

Bullying is a despicable behavior taken by troubled individuals. It is almost impossible to stop because there are many factors responsible for it. There is no way to put the blame on one person, so the problem must be addressed from different angles.