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A List Of Winning Argumentative Essay Topics On Veterans

An argumentative essay is the kind of paper where the writer has to convince his audience of his ideas by developing a stance and providing enough logical and factual evidence to prove that stance. If you are to create a strong argumentative essay on any topic, you should begin by taking a stance. It is important because you can only defend your paper when you have already developed a stance. You cannot create an argument without talking for or against something. If you stay neutral then there is no room for argument. The purpose of your assignment is to persuade others of your ideas and show them that your opinions are supported with strong evidence. You may even have to refute opposing arguments in order to prove your ideas right

The topic of your paper is critical because it decides the overall direction of your assignment. It would indicate to your readers what your paper is all about and whether he should continue spending his time on the rest of your assignment. You should not choose a topic of common knowledge or a general fact. The topic must provide space for an argument that you will later develop in your paper. It is the purpose of your topic to give a precise overview of what your paper is all about

Veterans have been much in debate because of the war crimes and their personal lives affected due to their time spent on war. People have different opinions about the issues they face because of being in armed forces or fighting wars at foreign borders. You can make a strong argumentative topic out of this subject by brainstorming for fresh ideas and carrying out some background research

Topics you can choose about veterans in an argumentative essay

Some good ideas to consider for a topic on a veteran argumentative essay would be as follows

  1. 1. The post-traumatic stress disorder in the militants who fought the Iraq war
  2. 2. Resistance in veterans for fighting against civilians
  3. 3. Denial of medical services to veterans after they retire
  4. 4. The risks of marrying a veteran and the unknown fears
  5. 5. Assisted suicide or committed suicide?
  6. 6. It is the war that causes psychological disorders in veterans
  7. 7. Insurance for family by the government
  8. 8. The Vietnam war
  9. 9. Homelessness in veterans
  10. 10. Does government really support the veterans as it says