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Best Advice On How To Start Off A Cause And Effect Essay

With this type of writing it’s especially important to capture the reader’s attention and let them know where you are headed in your piece. What’s the best way to do this? The beginning seems to be the most essential part, because if someone likes it they will keep reading and if they don’t, they won’t. In order to retain your audience, you must employ a few writing tricks.

  1. Remember your purpose. Focus on the first few sentences or paragraphs will point your reader in the right direction. In a cause and effect essay, you need to have clear in your mind what the cause is and how it brought about the effect. There should be a clear delineation between the two. It will be your job to use concise and expressive words to accomplish this.
  2. Choose a topic that you can run out of the gates with. In other words, if there is too much background material that needs to be presented first in order for people to understand the meaning of your paper, you will lose them before they are finished the first paragraph.
  3. The introductory sentence is made up of several parts. Start with the attention-getter. It’s up to you what you want to use, but here are some suggestions: a piece of surprising information or some startling facts, an anecdote or quote, some dialogue or summary information to give an overall view.
  4. The information you are presenting must be true and be verified. It doesn’t need to be something your reader has never heard about before; it’s simply something to get them started thinking about your topic.
  5. You don’t have to identify the speakers in the dialogue, but you do need to be able to make your point without beating around the bush.
  6. If your attention-getting strategy was only one or two sentences long, you will need a few more supporting sentences.
  7. If your paper requires a question, statement, thesis and so on, this sentence is always at the end of the introduction. It’s placed in this strategic place in order to appear right before the body of the paper.

Write your introduction as if you were writing to someone who isn’t familiar with each detail of your topic, yet has a basic overall understanding of the basic theme. This will help guide you in determining how much information to disclose. Remember these tips if you are going to do essay writing jobs, these advice can come in handy many times.