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Essay Writing Help: How to Avoid Stress Buying a Paper Online

Writing essays is one of the top assignments students receive. However, it is often quite stressful to accomplish these assignments when the student is juggling multiple important classes. It is also possible that other aspects of life such as family or relationship issues, financial problems, or other school problems have the potential to put a student in the position of not being able to complete all of their assignments. In cases like those mentioned above, students often, find themselves trying to find a way to purchase a paper online. This in and of itself can be a tiresome and stressful situation. The following is some tips and advice for keeping the stress out of buying an essay online.


Plagiarism is by far one of the biggest concerns when purchasing a paper. There are ways to prevent complete plagiarism, but there is still some risk.

  1. Never use a site that offer free papers. These papers carry a far greater risk of being plagiarized than do ones that require payment.
  2. Always check out the company’s background. It is very important to research a company thoroughly before choosing to buy from them
  3. Seek out the opinions of past customers. Another good practice is to use question and answer boards as well as other message boards to ask around about the company to find out what type of experiences others have had.
  4. If you buy a paper, take the time to go over it and tweak it to your specifications. No matter how good a writing service is, there is no way they can write something exactly the way you would. Therefore, if you take the time to personalize, not only will it seem more like your own writing, it has less chance of being plagiarized.

Potential Identity Theft

Purchasing an essay online also carries with it the chance of falling prey to identity theft scams. Be very cautious of entering credit card or banking information on any online site. The first thing to do is look into the company’s history. Look at how long they have been in business, business licenses, security certificates, and any relevant safe pay certificates. Also look at references, referrals, an comments from past customers. It is advisable to seek out comments from sources other than the site, however.

In general, the bottom line is, be careful. Don’t jump into a purchase without knowing all of the details.