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Where To Find Free Essay Papers For College: 5 Best Ideas

Finding a college essay online for free is actually easier than you think. There are websites out there that will give you free essays and they are there to help college students that can’t get their work done on time. These kinds of websites are great but you do have to be careful because someone else might have already turned that essay in before you. So run it through a plagiarism checker before handing it in. These websites are to be used with caution and it is always a better idea to write it yourself but if you do use one of these essays, you should still try to rewrite it in your own words. This will minimize the chances of it being red flagged for plagiarism.

5 Best Websites

  • Free College Essays is a huge database of essays and term papers written by other students for the use by others. There are over fifty categories to choose from on there and they add new ones to the database on a daily basis. This way, you can get a new essay if you need one.
  • Another database that has over one hundred thousand essays and term papers written by other students is Term Paper Warehouse. Term Paper Warehouse has many essays to choose from and you can search by topic or just browse what they have in their database.
  • College Term Papers also have a huge database of essays to browse. They have them broken up into categories and sub categories to help you find what essay you need. You can also search the subject on their website to find the essay you need.
  • Chuck III is a college resource site that has tons of free essays, term papers, book reports, and cliff notes to choose from. All you have to do is search for the topic you are covering and they give you a ton of essay to choose from. They also have a paid site you can use if you want to get a perfect essay for your class.
  • Study Mode has over a million essays on their website. They are on various subjects and you can search by subject or by topic. They also have notes for books and other resources that can help you write your essay. Study Mode is one of the best sites to use and you can also just use it to write your essay on your own.