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How to Write My Essay in an Hour – 5 Effective Methods

If you were not able to get down to your essay until literally the last hour, do not despair. With these simple techniques, you can do it even if writing has never been your strong side.

  1. Calm down and concentrate.
  2. The most important thing about writing essay in an hour is to avoid panic. Tell yourself that you can do it. Many other students do it and get decent marks. Anyway, it is better to submit a mediocre paper than to submit none. Do not waste time struggling to make your last-minute essay perfect. It does not need to be that; it simply needs be.

  3. Spend at least 6 minutes planning.
  4. However scarce on time you are, do not rush into writing straight away. You would not win any time by doing that; moreover, you might end up spending much more than you intended. An essay that is not thought out well can easily run into a dead end so that you will have to revise at the last minute. If you have an hour, spend at least 6 minutes thinking about what you would write, what points you will make, what examples you will use. Set a timer in order not to let your thoughts wander too far. Whatever ideas you have at the end of the 6-minute planning period, go on with them. You can make a good essay of it.

  5. Outline your essay.
  6. Decide how many paragraphs you will have. Next, write each paragraph’s main idea. It does not have to be a complete sentence; you might use bullet points and flesh them out later. Under the main idea, sketch the examples and supporting points you are going to use, each in a few words. Get down to the end of your draft, and have a look at it. Is it logical, consistent, and persuasive? If you see any serious drawbacks, fix them right away; better to do it now than when you actually start writing.

  7. Write simply.
  8. Flesh your outline out by turning bullet points into complete sentences. Use short, simple, and direct sentences. Complicated structures are not as much appreciated by teachers as many students think, and it is easy to mess them up when you hurry. Restrict your vocabulary to the words you know.

  9. Check your paper.
  10. If you still have several minutes left, spend them checking your paper. Does it flow smoothly? Are there any grammar or spelling issues? Fix any mistakes you see right away.