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How to write an academic essay by using online examples

One of the oldest forms of tuition is known as rote learning. It simply means that copying and a particular example is learning to write where the teacher will copy a letter on a black or white board, explain the pronunciation and then have the student copy what is in front of them. This is rote learning. And as basic and as simple as it appears, there remains a place for rote learning today and at all levels of education. Some people argue that rote learning does nothing to encourage understanding of concepts but it does have its place.

And one such place is learning how to write an academic essay by using online examples. The beauty of the situation is that online you can find websites which reproduce academic essays which have been highly successful. The benefit for you is that you can study these online examples, see why they have been given such a high score, and then copy the important points and methods as illustrated in these online examples.

What sort of things are you looking for in these online examples?

  • Sticking to the topic or answering the question
  • Having a basic structure of introduction, main body and conclusion
  • Removing any spelling or grammar errors
  • Understanding the relevance of a particular type of academic essay

You might choose an excellent topic and feel you are interested in this or even have a passion for such a topic but unless you stick to the topic you will lose marks. You can overcome this problem by having an excellent outline before you start writing your academic essay.

The basic structure for academic essays has been in use for ages. You need a strong introduction, you need to list your main points in the main body paragraphs of your essay, and you need to provide an excellent summary of what has gone before in your conclusion. Look for the structure in the online examples you are studying.

It goes without saying that you will proofread your academic essay once you have finished it and make sure that it is blemish free. You will also note that if the essay requires a certain number of words, for example 1500, then count the number of words which are found in the online example.

And finally there a different types of academic essays whether they are personal essays or persuasive essays or whatever. You must know the definition of the type of essay you are writing and follow its rules and requirements.