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How To Choose A Catchy Narrative Essay Topic

What is a narrative essay?

A student will write a narrative essay on something that happened personally in their life. A narrative essay is normally written in first person context because the writer is telling a story with them as the main character.  With a narrative essay, the writer has the opportunity to know and understand themselves better.

Here are a few benefits of writing a narrative essay:

  • The narrative will link the writer and their readers together based on a feeling of sharing the same history.
  • The narrative can be extremely entertaining for the reader because people love a good story and plot line.
  • The narrative can be a healing tool for a reader who has faced the same crisis as detailed in the narrative essay.
  • The writing of the narrative will bring healing to the writer.
  • The narrative will help the writer with discovering hidden values, allow one to explore options, and explore motives.

What are the qualities of a good narrative essay?

  • The narrative will ensure that the reader is involved wholeheartedly in the story.
  • The narrative essay should be written where everything is in order.
  • The narrative essay will provide detailed information on events, places, and people.
  • The narrative essay will ensure that the reader and writer grow from the story and change from it.
  • The story in the narrative essay is told from the perspective of the writer.
  • The narrative essay teaches an important lesson and gives a clear point on the story.

How to pick a catchy topic for one’s narrative essay?

  • Choose a topic that celebrates a great accomplishment achieved or winning something.
  • Choose a topic that discusses a life milestone like graduating college, getting married, and having a child.
  • Choose a topic that affects one’s everyday life.
  • Choose a topic that will be interesting and engaging to the reader.
  • Choose a topic that may have some historical significance to one’s personal life.
  • Choose a topic that one is able to research and to get good information on.

How to write the narrative essay once have a catchy topic:

  • The writer should ensure that they do good research on the topic.
  • The writer should ensure that they provide a good position, evidence, and argument on the topic.
  • The narrative essay should include an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.
  • When writing the narrative essay, the writer should ensure that there are not gaps in the essay.
  • Always ensure to edit the narrative essay before sharing it.