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Composing A Decent Narrative Descriptive Essay: Helpful Directions

When you are composing a narrative descriptive essay your goal is to provide as many details as possible. You want to provide your reader with everything they need to understand the exact event, object, or place you are describing. If you are explaining a particular plant that you saw when you were visiting Costa Rica, you cannot just tell the reader that the plant was nice or interesting. These are very broad descriptions and they will not suffice in providing your reader with a thorough idea of what the plant looks like, felt like, smells like, feels like, or perhaps even tastes like. These are all the things that you need to include in order for your descriptive essay to be successful.

  • - When you are describing something try to pick something that you know a lot about. If you were the person who visited Costa Rica and you were the person who saw this plant then you are the best author for the piece. But if you just read about it on the Internet you might not have all of the descriptions that you need to really create something convincing for your reader.

  • - When you are writing your narrative you want to use concrete details and not abstract details. A good paper will let your readers see everything that is happening in their mind. They will be able to paint the picture and see it exactly as you saw it. But in order to do this you have to make sure that you use concrete details. Concrete details make the story very clear and it makes the image seem very real. But if you use abstract language it will make the story very challenging to visualize.

When you are working on your narrative, be sure to remain hydrated if you want to have improved focus and concentration while you are writing your drafts. The body is made up of a significant percentage of water and you must make sure to constantly replenish any water that you are expelling. If you are attending school in a very warm location and you choose to sit outside you may need to stay hydrated more so than somebody who is working calmly inside an air-conditioned library in a cooler Mountain region. These are small things that you need to take into consideration when you stay hydrated.