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Tips and tricks for how to write the essay main body

  The main body of an essay is an important part of the essay itself. It is the place where you make all of your key points and arguments. Different essays will have different body paragraphs and different types of essays will need different kinds of body paragraphs. The body paragraphs will depend on the kind of essay you are writing. If you are writing a fact based essay than the body paragraphs will each be about a specific fact. A persuasive essay will include arguments for or against something. The thing that they all have in common is that they all include key points, one for each paragraph in the body of the essay.

Essay body

The body of any good essay includes certain things.

  • Key points to make
  • Separate paragraphs for each key point
  • Information to support those points

Key points to make

When writing any kind of essay, whether it be argumentative, persuasive or fact based, will include the key points that you want to make about your topic. The body is where you state the points that you are going to make to complete the goal of the essay. This is where you prove your point, state your facts or make your arguments to the audience.

Separate paragraphs

You want each paragraph to have its own purpose. You will want to make each paragraph about a specific key point. The point of a paragraph is to make one point. Each paragraph should have its own specific purpose separate from the others. Each point you make will have its own section in the body making each idea clear and to the point. Use each paragraph carefully to make the points separate ideas and their own thought independent from the rest of the essay.

Supporting information

Each time you start a paragraph you want to make one point, then use other information to support that point. if your essay is about smoking being bad for you than one key point may be that smoking is bad for your lungs. Then your supporting information will be about what smoking does to the lungs specifically. The next paragraph could be about second hand smoke. The supporting information would be about how second hand smoke affects others around the smoker. You see how each body paragraph needs supporting ideas and information in order to truly make the point. The same will go for fact based essays as well. If your point is that the Civil War impacted people’s families than you would use information to support it like how it made brothers fight against brothers and parents against children.

In conclusion

The body of the essay is where you go in depth about all of your points. If you have no key points than what is the essay about, right? So you need to know what those points are and express them. If your key points aren’t separate than it will be a mess. If you don’t have information to support those points than you will have no way to prove what you are saying is true or support everything that you do say. All of these things are necessary for a good essay body.