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10 Great Topics to Write a Descriptive Essay on

Descriptive writings are great form of writing exercises because of the creativity that a student can express when writing one. There is route description, yes, but in describing a thing, you can evoke the senses and broaden the mind. When choosing a suitable topic, make it so that there is enough, which you can talk about, while still being interesting. However, a true master of description can make any topic interesting, and here are some great topics to write a descriptive essay on.

  1. Talk about an emotional state you felt when you had a big life event, such as your first job or a graduation ceremony. Talk about how this affects you.
  2. Drive around your town and find an abandoned building, and describe it to your audience.
  3. For fun, find a bizarre website, and try to describe it to your audience, this is a prompt that should mostly be used for humor.
  4. Describe a bath. This may seem odd, but there are lot of physical sensations and emotions you can use to inspire you for this.
  5. Talk about a bookshelf. This is great, because the kind of books someone reads can say a lot about them, and you use the bookshelf to tell about it is owner.
  6. Talk about music that was at an event. Music is primarily used in human cultures to portray emotion, so talk about what kind of emotion is being portrayed, and why the musician is trying to create that emotion or mood in the environment that he was in.
  7. Talk about a beverage or alcoholic drink. There is a lot to be said about the art of a great beverage, so you can describe how it was made, how it looks, how it smells, and how it tastes. You can also allude to emotions with that beverage, so this makes for a great topic.
  8. Describe a random object that you find in your room or office. This may be challenging, but this can be a fun activity to show you what exactly can be done with description by a good author. Just use your imagination and be creative!
  9. Talk about a dream that you had. Dreams can be so interesting, as well as surreal and strange. Trying to describe what happened in dream-logic and bringing a part of you into the work can be very evocative.
  10. Describe your first kiss. This is a personal experience that most people can relate to, and it is very emotional. This makes it interesting to describe, because there is this mix of the familiar and the alien, as every person's first kiss is different.