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How To Compose The Best College Essay Ever About The Ocean?

The ocean covers over 2/3 of the earth’s surface and this sustains our needs. While it is a reality that the world is almost covered with water, the global ocean remains unknown and unexplored. This is the reason why it can be a great topic to write about and discover more of its importance to the world we live in at present. When composing your college essay, there are some vital factors that you have to contemplate and some of these compose of the following:

  • Be concise. For your paper to be concise, you have to remove redundancy, omit phrases to words, discard gratuitous qualifiers and intensifiers, avoid clichés, delete expletives, get rid of superfluous phrases, neutralize nominalizations and lastly steer clear of euphemisms.
  • Be coherent. Coherence is the product of several diverse factors that are combined to create every sentence, every paragraph and every phrase that contribute to the essence and meaning of the entire paper. Indeed, it is fundamental for writers to form their patterns of coherence in a more careful plan. There should be sentence cohesion and paragraph unity.
  • Be vivid. You can describe what you are writing about in a vivid approach. To do so, you have to appeal to yours senses- skin, ears, nose and eyes etc. It is vital to use these senses to clearly describe your topic.
  • Be accurate. Writing a valuable piece that contains correct spelling, grammar and punctuation can certainly make a huge difference to your final score. Take note that when your work is accurate, this affects not just your marks for presentation. Likewise, submitting a composition that is precise, well-written and well-polished can significantly improve your marks.
  • Be smart. Ensure that you pick and use the best examples from your research, your topic sentence must be connected to each new subject matter back to the question and see to it that your piece flows well. Compose in a formal academic style, your outline must be correct and in accordance to the guidelines of your course. Aside from these, it is a must to include footnotes or in-text references as you compose.

Please be reminded that when you work on your first draft using your composition plan as a guide and covering all the data you have arranged in your research document, always pay attention to the mentioned guides above. In so doing, you are assured to end up having a sensible and worth-reading writing piece.