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General Instructions On How To Write An Expository Essay

Elementary, an expository essay informs, describes or explains a given subject and is composed almost every day in most professions. It should be specific and focused on the main idea. Therefore, this requires good organization and prior knowledge in order to keep on the course. If you are not well acquainted with these cognitive skills, adhere to the following general guiding instructions.

Digging into the topic

This is a pre writing skill where the writer ventures into varied types of resource material that contain adequate information that best describe the heading. Have a notebook where you will jot down important ideas that will aid you build on the thesis.


Given a specific subject, assemble the key words, concepts and phrases that you will employ in your work. This is significant as it enables you stay within the scope of the topic.

Draw an outline

A good writer who is focused to come up with a top quality and organized paper should first sketch a plan on how ideas will flow. This ensures that crucial points are not left out.

Craft the title

This should be written with respect to the given instructions. For instance, apply the correct font, font size and spacing. Bold and underline it to distinguish from the first paragraph.

The introduction

In this section, the topic sentence should clearly depict the thesis or central idea of the essay. Furthermore, do not take a position but use enchanting words that capture the reader’s interest. The introduction should be brief, basically should cover only a single paragraph.

The body

The next three to four paragraphs constitute the body of the text where the writer develops the thesis. All ideas stated should be sufficiently backed up with pertinent examples and strong evidence drawn from relevant resource materials. Each sentence should address different opinions concerning the subject at hand. Describe both sides of the theme before taking the ultimate stand.


The writer should review the main points as mentioned in the body without introducing new ideas. Depending on the number of points given on either side, the author takes a stand. Similar to the introduction, the concluding part should be covered in one paragraph. It is also significant that one should state his or her recommendations.

Citation and reference

Refer your readers to relevant books and websites where they can access additional information concerning what you have written about.

Read through your work

Prior to submission, take a few minutes to proofread your work while correcting the possible typing errors and spelling mistakes.