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Well-Written Essay Examples Can Always Come in Handy

If you are trying to write an essay for school an essay example can always come in handy. Knowing what to write and in what order can be greatly beneficial to many students.

If you are writing an essay you need to follow a particular format. Generally speaking your paper will have:

  • An introduction
  • A body
  • A conclusion

Each of these three parts plays a particular role in making your essay interesting and understandable for the reader. Within the body of your text you will use titles and subtitles to better express your point of view on the topic.

Why are formats important?

Formats present your information in a cohesive way. It is through proper essay format that your significant points of view and arguments can be discussed.

The introduction:

This is the part of your paper where you offer general facts about the subject you will be writing about. You should draw in your reader with a few facts and a road map of where they will be traveling within your paper.

The body:

This is where you expand upon each argument or characteristic of your subject. You should convey with evidence every peculiarity or argument. This is where you focus on the smaller arguments and provide examples or evidence to support them. You want the reader to get a coherent idea of the purpose of your paper and the evidence you have to support your point of view.

The conclusion:

This is where you will review the views and the evidence you have included in the body. You can offer the reader a shortened version of your analyses and how they relate to the bigger picture or leave the reader with an appropriate quote or thought-provoking question.

By following these formats you can enjoy success in your essay writing. You will have all of the necessary points and will follow the appropriate reference styles.

If you are in need of a topic for your essay look over the list of example topics below:

  • You can write about whether the fast food industry should be blamed for obesity. Specifically you can address where the line is between food influence and individual responsibility
  • You can address whether feminism is relevant for women in today’s society
  • You can write about the advantages as well as the disadvantages to taking a year off in between high school and college